Trade Door Reports on Taxi Services in Lakewood, Colorado


Taxi services Lakewood CO; that is the title of our report today. Many of our readers have been asking us to do such a report for several months now.

Trade Door, as all our readers of course know, is a company whose purpose is to increase trade between and among consumers and small businesses; our goal is always the promotion of small businesses, and the growth of local economies.




Our main office is located in downtown Denver, Colorado, but we have branch offices in all the cities of the greater Denver metropolitan area, including in Lakewood. It is that office which has prepared this report today.

As anyone who lives in Lakewood knows, there are many different taxi companies serving the Lakewood area. Those companies include; Yellow Cab, which is to be sure not a small company but a very large one; Metro Taxi; Lakewood Taxi Services; and Mountains Taxi. There are other taxi companies there, of course, but those are the main ones.

Our people in Lakewood, in preparing this report, took rides in cabs from all of the above companies. And they all unanimously agreed that the best of the bunch was Lakewood Taxi Services.

Lakewood Taxi Services, first of all, has very clean, up to date, smoothly running cars. And they have a truly excellent dispatch system. And very friendly drivers.

That’s why we can confidently say that if you want to have the best experience possible with a taxi company in Lakewood, then by all means call of Lakewood Taxi Services.

Lakewood Taxi Services are run by the Handav Transportation Group, which is a firm that offers many different kinds of transportation services in the greater Denver area, including extremely cost-effective car services which offer rates that are just as low as a conventional taxi, but with far better service.